Biggest Update to APEX Yet! Introducing solid layer support and highly-requested features and fixes with software update 1.5.8

Apex Professional 3D Printing Software by Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D is pleased to release the biggest update to APEX yet!  Developed specifically for Airwolf 3D printers, APEX slicing software is part of our commitment to continually improve the 3D printing process for our customers.  In this installment, we have added solid layer support, optimized support generation, and improved prime tower configuration.

APEX is custom-tailored to all Airwolf 3D printers and simplifies the printing process with pre-loaded print profiles for nearly every material including ABS, PETG, NYLON, PLA, TPE, TPU, and PC.  Don’t forget: For advanced users and curious tinkerers, APEX comes fully outfitted with a Full Settings mode and Expert Configuration panel for manually adjusting settings, running plugins, and viewing G-Code.

Here are just a few of the new features in APEX Version 1.5.8:

For all Airwolf printers:

1. Solid layer support generation with grid selection

2. Support generation is optimized to account for even more overhangs

3. Prime tower location, base, and infill optimized

4. Linear infill calculation

For EVO and EVO22  printers:

1. Revised PC settings

2. Revised ABS settings

3. Revised Hydrofill settings

For additional issues, questions, or bug reports

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