How to Start Printing With HD Direct Drive

Affordable 3D Printer

Since we released the new HD Direct Drive in October, we’ve gotten some incredible feedback — mainly from schools and home users who were searching for a good beginner’s 3D printer.

These customers needed reliable machines that produce great quality prints — but they didn’t necessarily require all the higher-performance bells and whistles that define AXIOM series 3D printers. They wanted a beginner’s 3D printer that was effective and dependable — and at a more accessible price point for their budgets.

While we recently released the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center, which is by far our most advanced machine yet, we love that we were able to give new life to one of our customer-favorite printers, the HD.

Beginners 3D Printer
The original HD printer released in November 2013.

Originally released in 2013, the HD was upgraded to the HDx in 2014 and was the first commercial 3D printer on the market that could print high-temperature polycarbonate. Later that year, the HD2x was then released with the same high-temperature printing capability, but with dual heads.

Today, the HD has received an upgrade yet again — the machine is now available, factory refurbished, but with the same Direct Drive extrusion system that makes AXIOM series 3D printers the best in the industry.

affordable direct drive 3D printer
HD Direct Drive includes the same high-performance hot end and extruder as the awarding-winning AXIOM series 3D printers.

See just how easy it is to start your first print with your newly purchased HD Direct Drive 3D Printer: HD Direct Drive Setup and Unboxing.

If you would like to learn more about HD Direct Drive and if it’s the right beginner’s 3D printer for you, be sure to check out this affordable 3D printer in our shop. If you ever have any questions, give us a call at (949)478-2933 or email

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