NEW MG94 ABS Filament Exclusively From Airwolf 3D

MG94 ABS Filament

Airwolf 3D is excited to release our new MG94 ABS filament! You’ve already heard the buzz about MG94. After extensive development and testing — and requests from you, our customers — we’ve perfected MG94 ABS filament for 3D printing and are now manufacturing it here in our facility in Fountain Valley, CA.

What is MG94 ABS filament?

MG94 ABS is everything you love about ABS — but with some upgrades. The highest quality of ABS on the market, MG94 offers high-impact strength for demanding applications and a beautiful, smooth finish, even without post-processing.

The high-flow, low-ooze material offers particularly smooth extrusion and superior layer bonding. The result is an incredibly strong part with a smooth finish and less visible layer lines.

ABS MG94 Sample Prints
Sample prints produced on an AXIOM Direct Drive 3D printer with MG94 ABS Filament by Airwolf 3D

What are MG94’S applications?

Use MG94 for all the same applications that utilize ABS, such as functional prototypes, tooling, jigs, fixtures and end-use production parts. Perfect for aviation, aeronautic, and automotive use — or any other application that demands engineering-grade quality — MG94 ABS is now available from our online shop.

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ABS MG94 for 3D Printing

How do you successfully 3D print with this material?

Airwolf 3D takes the guesswork out of 3d printing ABS parts with it guide “Top 5 Things to Know About 3D Printing ABS Parts“.