Airwolf 3D Breathes New Life Into Old 3D Printers With HD Direct Drive

Cheap 3D Printer

What’s old is new! The classic Airwolf 3D HD series printers are back and better than ever! If you’re on a budget, don’t go for a cheap 3D printer, chose one of our most successful series of 3D printers now available with the same Direct Drive technology that catapulted the AXIOM series to award-winning success.

What is HD Direct Drive?

The HD Direct Drive 3D printer is a factory-certified refurbished machine that has been thoroughly inspected and tested according to the stringent quality control standards that Airwolf 3D enforces for both new and refurbished machines. No machine leaves the Airwolf 3D shop without working perfectly — and we always include our final test prints to prove it!

Originally released in 2013, the HD Series was one of Airwolf 3D’s most reliable and highly-acclaimed lines of 3D printers. With so many customers and Wolfpack members still loving their HDs, we decided to refresh the HD Series with a heavy-hitting upgrade to Direct Drive technology and offer the best value 3D printer we can to our customers.

From PLA and flexible TPE and TPU all the way up to ABS and Polycarbonate, the HD Direct Drive offers higher performance than any other printer at its pricepoint. Plus, with a spacious 12-inch height on the Z-Axis, the HD Direct Drive printer offers the highest build height in any Airwolf 3D printer besides the massive AXIOM 20.

Cheaper 3D Printer Offers Big Value

The Direct Drive Difference

While the old HD series printers worked great with their more traditional bowden-style extrusion system, the advent of the new direct drive extrusion system is a game changer.

With Direct Drive, there is more room for error. Even if your settings aren’t perfectly dialed in (a process that can take some time-consuming trial and error), it is still easier to get a successful print. Best of all, Direct Drive makes it easier to print with more difficult materials — particularly flexible materials like TPU and TPU and “finicky” engineering-grade materials like polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Now outfitted with the same Direct Drive technology used with the award-winning AXIOM Series 3D printers, HD Direct Drive offers even cleaner, more beautiful prints than ever before.

Factory-Certified HD Direct Drive Printers

All HD Direct Drive machines will provide identical performance. Because they are refurbished machines, however, some units may have differing front panels. Rest assured your machine is fully inspected and rigorously tested by Airwolf 3D technicians to ensure factory-certified performance and reliability.

The HD Direct Drive features an easy-to-use V2 ViKi interface, 10 mm lead screw, and a Direct Drive print head with a high-performance JRx hot end.

The machine comes supported by a 30-day limited warranty and all sales are final unless trading in towards a new AXIOM series 3D printer.

No Cheap 3D Printer: Cutting-Edge Technology at an Entry-Level Price

Though it has a budget-friendly price tag, the HD Direct Drive is no cheap 3D printer.

HD Direct Drive is Airwolf 3D’s solution to extending the life of a great, but older-series, machine and offering an entry-level printer that utilizes some of our latest and greatest technology.

affordable direct drive 3D printer
HD Direct Drive includes the same high-performance hot end and extruder as the awarding-winning AXIOM series 3D printers.

While Airwolf 3D’s focus is always on leading innovation in high-performance industrial desktop 3D printing, we listen to all customer feedback with an eye towards improving our products to best serve our customer’s needs. Direct Drive was, after all, a technology developed in response to a customer’s need for an effective, reliable way to 3D print flexible materials.

One piece of feedback that we often hear is that Airwolf 3D printers are too expensive for hobbyists or K-12 education programs with limited budgets. With HD Direct Drive, you can take advantage of the superior printing capability of the Direct Drive system, but at a much lower price point of $1,795. It is the best value 3D printer on the market.

Upgrade Your Old Machine With Direct Drive Technology

Prefer to just upgrade your existing HD series printer? No problem. All HD series machines can be upgraded to HD Direct Drive. Get more mileage out of your favorite old machine and up your 3D printing game with the latest AXIOM technology. Enjoy greater accuracy, cleaner prints, and superior material handling with the HD Direct Drive Upgrade. Available for only $595 in our online store.

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