NEW Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS from Airwolf 3D!

Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS 3D Printer Filament

The newest member of the Airwolf 3D CARBONITE series has arrived in the form of carbon fiber reinforced ABS! An engineering grade filament that is excellent for a wide variety of professional applications, ABS CARBONITE prints much like regular ABS, but offers some additional benefits.

Like our carbon fiber reinforced Nylon and carbon fiber PETG, our new ABS version has a very similar appearance. The material prints more easily than its traditional counterpart because the carbon fibers provide a highly printable material that reduces warping and shrinkage. The addition of high-modulus carbon fiber also provides strength without adding extra weight.

Carbon Fiber ABS Filament for 3D Printing

The material is a dark charcoal grey with a lightly textured, extremely even finish that does wonders hiding layer lines even without post-processing — though this ABS CARBONITE handles post-processing beautifully as well.

Like traditional ABS, carbon fiber reinforced ABS can be sanded to a smooth finish, then primed and painted if desired. You also can achieve a shinier finish using an acetone vapor treatment for ABS plastic.

The strength and versatility of ABS CARBONITE makes it an excellent material for prototyping, automotive parts, drones, RC car parts, and more. What will YOU print with ABS CARBONITE?