PETG CARBONITE: The NEW Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG from Airwolf 3D!

Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG

Meet the newest material to join our lineup of engineering-grade 3D printing filaments: PETG CARBONITE.

Like the other carbon composites in our CARBONITE series, PETG CARBONITE boasts superior strength, a low tendency to shrink or warp, high printability and a beautifully even-textured surface finish.

There are a lot of fans of 3D printing with PETG here in the Wolfpack. Because of PETG’s low tendency to shrink, high strengh, and subtle flexibility, we often choose the material for printing a wide variety of things like bottles, vases, and even RC cars.

Carbon Fiber PETG 3D Printed Brake Pedal
Brake pedal printed in CARBONITE PETG, the new carbon fiber reinforced PETG from Airwolf 3D.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to launch PETG CARBONITE. The addition of high-modulus carbon fiber makes PETG CARBONITE incredibly resilient and resistant. The material is high-strength, but still lightweight. The carbon fiber also gives this filament even more heat- and chemical-resistance, making it an excellent choice for automotive and other industrial applications. It is extremely water-resistant as well.

If you have experience printing with PETG, you already know that one of the best things about printing with the material is its low tendency to warp. Adding carbon fiber reduces the risk of warpage even further, making the material highly printable and easy to work with.

The main difference between traditional PETG and PETG CARBONITE is the material’s color and surface finish. PETG CARBONITE allows for the same post-processing techniques as regular PETG. You can sand, prime, and paint it, if you wish. However, while traditional PETG is known for its shiny, jewel-like finish, carbon fiber reinforced PETG has an appealing opaque look to it. The material prints easily and, even without post-processing, has an even texture and dark matte finish.

Ready to start printing with carbon fiber reinforced PETG? It’s now available in our online shop!