Get this Classic 3D Printer While You Still Can: The XL by Airwolf 3D

Retro 3D Printer

Want a great deal on a classic 3D printer? Get an Airwolf 3D XL printer while you still can!

Only the second model of 3D printer to be released by Airwolf 3D, the XL hit the market in 2013 with the largest ABS build platform in its class. Four years later and we STILL manufacture the largest high-temperature desktop 3D printer in its class…it has just evolved a bit over the years.

Classic 3D printer
When the XL 3D Printer was released in 2013, it boasted the largest ABS build platform in its class.

The XL is a classic 3D printer that won over an incredibly loyal userbase. We regularly run into customers who still run their XL and love it. We’ve even offered to help them trade in their 3D printer for a newer model, but they insist on holding on to their XL.

Though 3D printing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the classic 3D printer’s release in 2013, the Airwolf 3D XL printer is still a wonderful option for hobbyists and for anyone who wants to learn (or teach) the inner workings of a classic 3D printer.

What can you make with an XL printer?

There’s no auto-leveling or full enclosure like you get with our current AXIOM Series printers. But you do get a reliable, open source machine with a large heated bed that is capable of printing in a wide range of materials, such as ABS, PLA, Nylon and Polycarbonate.

Easier to use, maintain, and set up than standard RepRap printers, the XL has a generous 8″x12″x7″ build volume and our customers have used them for incredible projects like custom iPad cases and even Saleen muscle cars.

Hobbyist 3D Printer Sale
Saleen used the AW3D XL printer for both rapid prototyping and creating functional end-use parts.

We stand behind our classic 3D printers

All XL sales are final, but all of our pre-owned printers have been rebuilt to factory spec, tested thoroughly by our expert technicians, and are backed by a 3-month warranty and full support.

A great way to save money on a reliable hobbyist printer or to just own a piece of 3D printing history, be sure to snap up one of these classic 3D printers while you still can. And don’t forget to stock up on some extra glass as well. For a limited time, all HD/XL glass is Buy One, Get One Free!

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