Meet the CARBONITE Series

Carbon Fiber Filament

Airwolf 3D is excited to bring you the CARBONITE Series, our new line of carbon fiber filaments designed for high-performance applications.

What is the CARBONITE Series?

Designed for industrial use, these engineering-grade filaments offer everything you love about your favorite materials, but with added strength, thanks to the addition of carbon fiber.

The first of the CARBONITE Series is Nylon CARBONITE, a nylon and carbon fiber composite with high strength and superior thermal and chemical resistance.CARBONITE Series Sample Parts

Why use Nylon CARBONITE filament?

Most notably, the addition of carbon fiber produces a more printable material than most nylons. While traditional nylon has a tendency to warp, Nylon CARBONITE sticks to the bed more easily, especially with a little help from Wolfbite NITRO.

One of our favorite features of this filament is that Nylon CARBONITE prints are just about as beautiful as they are strong. With its low-gloss, graphite-like surface finish, Nylon CARBONITE is quickly becoming a Wolfpack favorite just on looks alone.

The CARBONITE series will also include carbon fiber polycarbonate, ABS, and PETG. Stay tuned for release dates!

Ready to start printing in Nylon CARBONITE?

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