HD/XL Users: Buy One Glass, Get One Glass Free!

3D Printer Glass Sale

HD and XL users, we have a deal created specially for you! For a limited time, ALL HD glass is Buy One, Get One Free!

Whether you prefer the classic Borosilicate Glass Plate for HD/XL (regularly $25) or the second generation Flex-Resistant Glass Plate for HD/XL (regularly $50), now is the time to stock up on glass for your favorite 3D printer.

Why should you always have extra glass?

Speed and Efficiency

If you don’t want to wait around for your glass to cool before starting your next print, you definitely need extra glass! This is especially true if you need to print multiple parts as quickly as possible. As soon as one part is done, remove it from the printer and replace it with a fresh glass plate. You can resume printing your next part immediately while the first one cools down.

Mistakes Happen

Oops! Did you forget to use your Wolfbite? Mistakes happen and glass can crack or break. But don’t let that stop you or slow you down. Always have extra glass on hand, so you can keep printing.

Grab extra glass at a great deal while you can!

Borosilicate Glass Plate 3D Printer