New limited edition 3D-printed fidget spinners raise ADHD awareness

Best 3D Printed Fidget Spinners

As you probably already know, 3D-printed fidget spinners are all the rage — making their way into classrooms, boardrooms, and just about everywhere in between. Similar to worry stones or squishy stress-relieving toys, spinners can help to relieve anxiety and promote greater focus by keeping your hands occupied with a mindless task. This is why fidget spinners are increasingly used as a therapeutic tool to help children (and adults!) with ADHD increase focus on the task at hand.

3D Printing Spinners for ADHD
The first Airwolf 3D Fidget Spinner is named after Zoe, the 10-year-old designer who’s also a daughter of an Airwolf 3D Wolfpack member.

We are incredibly excited to offer limited edition fidget spinners created by some of our youngest Wolfpack members. Designed and 3D-printed by kids for kids, the 3D-printed fidget spinners are extremely limited edition. In total, we will release four fun, original designs. The first fidget spinner is now available for sale: The Zoe.

Fun, bright, and with plenty of “spin,” the Zoe is ready to go for a whirl!

Only 30 of each design will be printed and once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

3Dprinted Spinners for ADHD
The new 3D-printed spinners from Airwolf 3D are highly limited edition. Only 30 of each design will be produced.

Most importantly, ALL proceeds from the sales of these spinners will be donated to Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), a national non-profit, tax-exempt [Section 501(c)(3)] organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with ADHD.

If you or someone you love is ready to “fidget” for a great cause, be sure to snap up one of these limited edition spinners today!

3D-Printing Spinners for a Good Cause
Fidget spinners are said to reduce stress and increase focus, making them an increasingly more popular tool for kids with ADHD. ALL proceeds from Airwolf 3D Fidget Spinners go to CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD)

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