Meet the AXIOM All-in-One System!

Airwolf 3D is excited to offer our new AXIOM All-in-One System. Designed for professionals and other power users, this full desktop 3D printing system includes everything you need to leverage the AXIOM’s advanced technology in order to optimize your work flow.

The AXIOM Dual-Head 3D Printer Gets the Job Done

Quickly produce large prototypes or functional end-use parts with the best-in-class AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printer.* Our flagship printer possesses all of Airwolf 3D’s high-performance, signature features:

Dual Head 3D Printer• Auto-Leveling for ease-of-use and perfect prints every time.

• Patented Enclosed Build Chamber provides reliable printing and prevents uneven shrinkage of parts.

• Two independently controllable, high-temperature hot ends that print in over 70 different materials, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, and flexible TPE and TPU.

• Modular Design provides future-proof construction with the ability to easily upgrade or repair the machine.

What else is included in the AXIOM All-in-One System?

Take advantage of AXIOM’s advanced technology with Airwolf 3D’s suite of innovative products:

• HydroFill
• Platinum Series ABS Filament (2 rolls, colors vary)
• Polycarbonate (colors vary)
• Double-Sided Flex-Resistant Glass
• Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solution
• Wolfbite Mega
• ESD Isolation Mat
AXIOM All-in-One System 3D Printing Accessories

Save time and money with the AXIOM All-in-One System. Have questions? Give us a call at (949)478-2933, email, or contact us here.

*The AXIOM All-in-One System is also available with the AXIOM 20. Please contact us for details.