Five fun 3D prints to get you in the holiday spirit

3D Printing Holiday Spirit

With the crush of gift shopping and stress of holiday entertaining, it is difficult sometimes to get into the holiday spirit. On the other hand, there’s no cure for the holiday blues quite like 3D printing. Get into the holiday spirit and delight your friends and family with these fun 3D prints.

1. Christmas Gift Markers

3D Printing Gift Tags
Christmas Gift Markers by keyjay:

These fun and simple gift “tags” print up fast and feel extra special because they’re personalized. Even after the presents are opened and the tree has been taken down, the lucky receiver of the gift still can enjoy displaying the tag wherever they wish.

Download for free:

2. Mug Christmas Cookie Cutters

3D Print Christmas Cooke Cutters
Mug Christmas Cookie Cutters by faberdasher:

These handy cookie cutters are so cute that you can use them any time of year. Cleverly designed, each cookie cutter produces a cookie with a notch that hooks on to a coffee mug. Perfect as a gift or for creating charming treats for holiday guests.

Download for free:

3. Christmas Coffee Decoration Template

3D Print Coffee Stencils
Christmas Coffee Decoration Template by OogiMe:

Want an extra fancy drink to go with those special cookies perched on your mugs? Try out these fun 3D-printed holiday stencils. Simply print up the stencils and use them to dust on cocoa or powdered sugar for professional-looking decorations. Perfect for making festive drinks, cookies, and more!

Download for free:

4. Presentation Box for Gift Card Vault

3D Print Giftcard Holder
Presentation Box for Gift Card Vault by visigoth:

Gift cards are convenient, one-size-fits-all gifts…but they can lack a personal touch. Dress up your gift cards this year with this intriguing 3D-printed gift card box. In addition to looking great, the box also houses the “Gift Card Vault,” a box designed to be broken open to reveal the card inside.

Download for free:

5. Wearable Reindeer Antlers

3D Print Antlers for Dog
Wearable Reindeer Antlers by dadhoc:

Last, but not least, your holidays are about to get a lot more fun with a pair of Wearable Reindeer Antlers. Perfect for you or for a pet, these horns are designed with holes so you can run a bit of string or elastic through them for easy wear.

Download for free:

Want some extra flashy headgear? Try this LED-lit version on for size. They’re sure to bring a touch of hilarious and heart-warming spirit to your next holiday get-together (though your resident furry friend might beg to differ).

Download for free:

3D Print Christmas Antlers
Christmas Antlers by Doodle_Monkey: