Introducing the new Airwolf 3D Anti-Static ESD Mat for 3D Printers

Anti-Static ESD Mat for 3D Printers

New Anti-Static ESD Mat for 3D printers protects equipment from static damage

This may come as a bit of a “shock,” but 3D printers and static electricity don’t get along too well. Terrible puns aside, we here at Airwolf 3D realize that there are some situations where 3D printers are particularly vulnerable to electrostatic discharge (ESD). That’s why we created the new Airwolf 3D ESD mat for 3D printers.

Anti Static 3D Printer Matt

Airwolf 3D AXIOMs are designed to take a beating. Like all electronic equipment, however, they are still susceptible to static damage due to electrostatic induction or electrical shorts — particularly in countries or work environments with irregular or unpredictable power sources.

The mat provides an excellent additional layer of protection if you keep your printer on a wooden table. For circumstances when you need to run your 3D printer on a metal or carpeted surface, this mat is a must-have.

Anti-Static ESD Mat 3D Printers

In addition, the mat also protects surfaces from scuffs and scratches that may occur when moving your printer to make adjustments or change filaments.

Measuring a generous 26 inches wide by 23 inches long, the mat can be used with any 3D printer and is a perfect fit for all AXIOM machines — including the new industrial AXIOM 20. The ESD Electrical Insulation mat is now available for purchase in our online store.