APEX Open Beta Feedback Program is back with free Wolfbite!

Feedback on APEX

The Wolfpack is excited to announce that the APEX Open Beta Feedback Program is back!

We launched APEX, our new 3D printing software two months ago and got a tremendous response. Some of you tore our software apart. Others gave us glowing reviews. The majority of you provided detailed, constructive feedback. To ALL Airwolf 3D customers who took the time to respond to us, thank you so much for helping us understand where we need the most improvement. This is vital to our ability to build a better product for you and for future customers.

What’s new in APEX 1.2.3?

APEX 3D printing softwareSince APEX first launched, we’ve come out with a number of improvements, including the addition of the new AXIOM, AXIOMe, and AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printers. We also added a quickprint quality setting for large prints and we’ve been making even MORE materials available in quickprint mode.


One of the questions we’ve received the most is, “When will APEX be available for Mac?” We’re happy to report that it is a top priority, our developers are working hard on it, and it will be released in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Download APEX for FREE!

If you haven’t already, please give APEX a try. Our machines are running better than ever when used with APEX. For 3D printing beginners, it’s even more important to install APEX. It will make 3D printing an easier, more intuitive, and more successful experience for you.

Voice your opinion

As always, we want to hear what you think. After testing out APEX, please head over to the APEX Open Beta Feedback Form and let us know how the software is working for you and what features you would like to see added in future releases. We’ll even send you a free bottle of Wolfbite Solution (in the formula of your choice!) as a gesture of our appreciation for your time.

The fine print

At this time, the APEX Open Beta Feedback Program is only open to U.S. residents running Airwolf 3D printers and Windows 8 or newer. A valid serial number is required for verification purposes and Airwolf 3D reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, if submitted feedback is SPAM and eligible for promotional giveaway. Airwolf 3D also reserves the right to change or discontinue the terms of this free offer at any time. This is a limited-time offer that is only available while supplies last and is limited to one per customer. Eligible participants will receive their free bottle of Wolfbite within 2-3 weeks.