Dual Head 3D Printer With Direct Drive

Airwolf 3D’s highly acclaimed AXIOM Dual Extruder 3D printer just received an exciting new upgrade: The new Direct Drive system.

Since releasing Direct Drive for AXIOM and AXIOMe last month, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new extrusion system’s ease of use, adept ability to print flexible materials and, of course, overall-beautiful print quality. We inevitably got the question: What about Direct Drive for the AXIOM Dual? As always, when you ask, we strive to deliver. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to introduce the newest addition to the AXIOM line of 3D printers: The AXIOM Dual Direct Drive.

Dual Head 3D Printer With Direct Drive Extruder

A whole host of features in one elegantly compact desktop 3D printer

The AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printer combines everything our customers love about the original AXIOM Dual Extruder printer, but with the added new benefits of the Direct Drive extrusion system.

Direct Drive Extruder on Dual HotendsIn addition to the host of features that make AXIOM the preeminent desktop 3D printer, the AXIOM Dual enjoys its place as the world’s leading prosumer 3D printer because of its independently controllable hot ends that allow printing in two colors or two different materials. Combine that functionality with the power of Direct Drive and you have a state-of-the-art workhorse that boasts enhanced dual capability — even for difficult-to-print materials, such as industrial-grade polycarbonate and polypropylene and flexible nylon- and rubber-based materials like TPE and TPU.

Choose a single machine, or embrace the best of both worlds

AXIOM Dual Direct Drive is available as a full-fledged 3D-printer or as a standalone Direct Drive upgrade. Power users who desire the ultimate in flexibility and performance are encouraged to opt for a combination of the AXIOM Dual base model, along with the Direct Drive Upgrade package. This configuration gives the best of both worlds by taking advantage of AXIOM’s modular construction.

Because the Direct Drive Upgrade is available as an End-User Replaceable Cassette (ERC), you can swap between the classic AXIOM’s bowden-style extrusion system and the new Direct Drive system, depending on which is best suited for a particular application.

Master Dual Extrusion Direct 3D Printing

Experience AXIOM Dual Direct for yourself and join us for our next Intensive 2-Day 3D Printing Workshop on October 26-27, 2016. We will have AXIOM Dual Extruder Direct Drive on display and also make it available for use as your workshop training machine. Whether you are a proud owner of a new AXIOM Dual Direct printer or you would like to “try before you buy,” the workshop is an excellent opportunity to see the new machine in person and receive expert instruction from Airwolf 3D Co-Founder and Lead Designer Erick Wolf and our all-star team of senior service technicians.

Seats are filling up fast, so please reserve your place now.

3D Printers With Direct Drive Dual Extruder


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