Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week: 3D-printed America, BMO, and more!

Pyranometers and Furries meet Artifacts and Pokemon

Happy Friday! It’s time for another round of Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week! Every week, we gather some of our favorite 3D prints and feature them right here.

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Bringing America to new heights

We absolutely love this 3D-printed U.S. map that shows population density. Educational and beautiful, the map was created by educator and fellow techie Valerie Brinkman.

Handy for hikers

Ever lose the shoelace locks for your hiking boots? Just print new ones! It only takes David Leach 11 minutes to design and print his creation, then he’s ready to hit the trails again!

Don’t stop, won’t stop the 3D-printed Pokemon!

Chicagoland Geeks has to be close to setting some kind of record. Their 24/7 live-streamed 3D-printed Pokemon project is STILL going. Enter here for a chance to win one of their amazing custom 3D-printed pokemon!

Who wants to play video games?

Thanks to Wolfpack team member Valentina, we now have our own little BMO who has taken up residence in Airwolf 3D’s lobby. Valentina printed this Adventure Time character in cheery, neon-blue PLA and handpainted the piece’s details.

All you need is loving kindness

Airwolf 3D’s own Creative Director Tyler Caros went to LACMA and scanned the 15th Century Nepalese statue, “The Buddhist Goddess Victorious Wisdom Tara.” Originally standing at a little over five feet tall, this gorgeous piece was 3D-printed into a more shelf-friendly, 10-inch reproduction. Painted in acrylic.