Airwolf 3D Print Pics of the Week: Pyranometers and Furries meet Artifacts and Pokemon

Pyranometers and Furries meet Artifacts and Pokemon

Happy Friday and welcome to the newest edition of Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week! Every week, we select some of our favorite 3D prints created using an Airwolf 3D machine and showcase them here.

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Here comes the sun

Teacher and maker Jay Ham (@micromet on Thingiverse) used his Airwolf 3D XL to 3D-print a photodiode-based pyranometer housing and pole mount that he designed. Pyranometers are typically used to measure the amount of sunglight that reaches the Earth’s surface.

Furries need collars, too

Whether or not you’ve been known to don a “fursuit,” you can appreciate the beautiful design and print quality of Foxtrot Workshop’s personalized fursuit collar tag.

Ancient culture meets new technology

PC Rush 3D-printed this beautiful Aztec-style head using an Airwolf 3D HD2x. The piece was then finished with “miscellaneous paints and sprays.” Original scanned design created by Steve Campbell on Thingiverse.

Still 3D printing…and printing…and printing…

Our friends at ChicagolandGeeks continue to plow forward with their Pokemon-printing marathon. Check out this amazing time lapse video of them printing a giant Lapras on their Airwolf 3D HDX printer.

Let there be light!

As always, we’ve been busy with some of our own fun 3D-printed projects. To demonstrate that you can create some pretty sophisticated gifts, even without a lot of technical experience, Airwolf 3D Co-Founder Eva Wolf designed and 3D-printed a personalized lithophane nightlight.