Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week: Tricopters, Vein-Finders, a Pokemon family, and more!

Pyranometers and Furries meet Artifacts and Pokemon

Airwolf 3D customers have had another great week of 3D printing! Last week, we introduced Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week, a new series designed to showcase some of our favorite 3D prints that were created using an Airwolf 3D printer.

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Helping hospital visits hurt less

Our friends uno100 created this amazing vein-finder device to help nurses, doctors and paramedics find a vein more easily. The device is rigged with its own LED lights and shielding system that make veins more visible.

Fly like an Airshark

We absolutely love 3D-printed drones around here. This little tricopter looks like it would be fun to take for a spin!

Gotta print them all!

Last week, we featured a big 3D-printed Charmander created by Dustin (aka @THEJATMN). Looks like Dustin had a busy week — his Pokemon collection is growing!

Dude, where’s my flashlight?

Keep your flashlight easily accessible with this super-handy wall-mounted flashlight holder. Low-profile and secure, you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the dark! Created by Occasionally_Inspired on Thingiverse.

Get jacked

There are a number of RC car enthusiasts here at Airwolf 3D, so we couldn’t resist including Greg Sheka’s 3D print in our pics of the week. It’s an adjustable 1/10 scale jack stand for RC cars and trucks.

Store your phone in style

Frustrated because your phone won’t fit in a phone stand? Just 3D-print your own! Kyle Clifford customized this iPhone 6 Plus stand to accommodate his phone…AND its case.