Weekly Roundup: Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week!

Pyranometers and Furries meet Artifacts and Pokemon

Welcome to our first installment of our new series, Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week!

If you ever visit us in Costa Mesa, CA (and we hope you do!), you’ll enter our clean, bright showroom filled with elaborate 3D-printed sample parts and a large installation display of our filaments in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Airwolf 3D Showroom Filament Display
Filament display located in Airwolf 3D’s showroom.

Though very few non-Airwolf 3D employees get access, if you make your way to the back of the house, you’ll witness the flurry of activity that powers Airwolf 3D: dedicated Wolfpack members building, testing and shipping 3D printers; designers and service techs adjusting lighting equipment and shooting videos; even our company co-founder Erick Wolf is often spotted on the production floor, wearing his usual black Airwolf 3D polo shirt and intently fine-tuning machines.

Inevitably, you also will find a group of Wolfpack team members gathered around a laptop oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the amazing things our customers create with our printers. We love seeing your 3D prints and it’s high time we show off your work.

Every week we will feature some of our favorite pics of 3D prints created by our customers. Here are our favorite 3D Print Pics this week:

You gotta have Faith

Everyone here at Airwolf 3D is a huge fan of Faith Lennox. We helped create a 3D-printed prosthetic hand for her last year and we recently heard that she’s been so busy surfing and biking that some of the fingers on her hand were showing some wear and tear. We printed up some new ones for her pronto! Have fun on your adventures, Faith!

And it just keeps printing…and printing…and printing…

If you ever need proof that our printers — even the older ones, like the Airwolf 3D HDX — can run for days and still produce great quality prints, just head over to ChicagolandGeeks’ YouTube Channel. They’ve been live streaming their 3D-printed Pokemon project for weeks! Fun bonus: Join the live chat and geek out over 3D printing. You might even run into us there. We check the stream regularly.


Dustin, I choose YOU!

Speaking of Pokemon, 3D-printing evangelist Dustin is rocking the 3D prints as usual — this time with an oversized Pokemon.We’re all loving the jumbo Charmander he recently printed on his AXIOM.

3D-printed selfies get a direct drive upgrade

Last year at CES, we upped our selfie game and 3D-printed a team member with some help from Artec’s Shapify Booth body scanner. This week we printed an even larger version with our new direct drive upgrade.

We’d like four of these, please!

Big ups to Order 3D on the chic 3D-printed bracelets! Several Wolfpack members have already added it to their wishlists!

Want a chance to be featured on Airwolf 3D Pics of the Week?

Post your pic on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (please make sure the post is set to “public”). Don’t forget to mention the model of Airwolf 3D printer you used and include the hashtag #Airwolf3D.

If you prefer, you also can email your information to info@airwolf3d.com.

Keep up the 3D-printing and be sure to share it. We just might pick YOUR pic!

– The Wolfpack

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