Be Direct. Get the new AXIOM Direct Drive.

New Direct Drive 3D Printer Upgrade by Airwolf 3D

What is AXIOM Direct Drive?

Axiom Direct Drive Upgrade Axiome
The Airwolf 3D AXIOMe outfitted with the Direct Drive extrusion system.

AXIOM Direct Drive is an extrusion system option that is now available for Airwolf 3D AXIOM and AXIOMe machines. Up until now, all Airwolf 3D AXIOM printers featured an elegantly low-profile, highly compact Bowden drive system. The new AXIOM Direct Drive, however, features a direct drive extruder assembly that makes it easier for users to create complex objects out of traditionally difficult-to-use materials.

You can now purchase the AXIOM Direct Drive 3D printer and the AXIOMe Direct Drive 3D printer. If you currently own an AXIOM or AXIOMe, you can also purchase the standalone AXIOM Direct Drive Upgrade and get the best of both worlds — the classic Bowden-style system and the new direct drive system.

While the original AXIOM adeptly handles just about any desktop 3D printing challenge you throw at it, the AXIOM Direct Drive is for those who are ready to step up their 3D-printing game. Just ask our friends at Feetz, the world’s first shoe brand to create 3D-printed footwear that is sustainable, comes in custom-fitted sizes, and is available in a myriad of style configurations.

If the 3D printer fits…

Feetz uses Airwolf 3D printers for mass customization 3D printing.Finding the right 3D printer for making stylish, high-quality shoes was no small feat. When first starting out, Feetz struggled to find a 3D printer that was not only cost-effective, but also could print with highly flexible filament and create intricate, woven-style uppers and durable soles for their customizable shoes.

3D printing flexible filaments is widely regarded as a challenge because the pliable material can be difficult to feed through an extruder or can flex or buckle, causing jams. Furthermore, excessive pressure in the extruder can lead to stringy, messy prints.

Axiom Direct Drive in action at Feetz Headquarters
An inside look at Feetz’s production facility lit up by over 40 Airwolf 3D AXIOM Direct Drive printers at night.

Because the Airwolf 3D AXIOM is already capable of printing in flexible materials, our design team knew that our 3D printers could deliver the high level of performance required by Feetz. The machines just needed some modifications.

After working closely with Feetz and incorporating their feedback, we came up with a solution. When combined with AXIOM’s proprietary jam-resistant hot end and high-performance CoreXY motion control system, a new direct drive extruder allowed the machine to print Feetz’ required shoe materials beautifully. AXIOM Direct Drive was born…and Feetz was able to surge ahead in the business of 3D printing shoes.

What does AXIOM Direct Drive mean for you?

Axiom Direct Drive Upgrade Axiom
Airwolf 3D’s flagship AXIOM printer featuring the new direct drive system.

After custom building direct drive 3D printers for Feetz and receiving incredibly positive reviews from their R&D team, we began using the new direct drive system extensively in-house and developed a version to release as a standalone upgrade for existing AXIOM printers. For anyone who wishes to purchase a new 3D printer that comes with Direct Drive already installed, the AXIOM Direct Drive and AXIOMe Direct Drive are now also available.

With Direct Drive, it is easy to make anything — even out of hard-to-use materials. From flexible materials like TPE and TPU to strong, hard materials like polycarbonate and polypropylene, AXIOM Direct Drive delivers clean, beautiful prints. This is largely because the direct drive system provides more room for error. Even if your settings aren’t perfect, it is very difficult to mess up a print.

Airwolf 3D Direct Drive 3D Printer With Cover
The included clear polycarbonate top provides unobtrusive protection of the new Direct Drive extruder assembly.

In the past, high-quality 3D prints in difficult materials were the provenance of engineering professionals and other expert users. With AXIOM Direct Drive, we now have made this technology accessible to less experienced users and available for more mainstream applications.

Ready to go Direct?

Upgrading to AXIOM Direct Drive on an existing AXIOM or AXIOMe machine is a simple process. Just replace the End-User Replaceable Cassette, or ERC, with the new AXIOM Direct Drive ERC and update the firmware on your AXIOM or AXIOMe printer. It’s a very easy process; we promise. And if you have any trouble, our expert service technicians are available to walk you through it.

Ready? Go direct with AXIOM Direct Drive.