The Summer 6-Pack Sale is back!

Airwolf 3D promo code

Get in on this 3d printer sale now and take advantage of the best pricing of the year!

The last days of summer are here and the Wolfpack at Airwolf 3D is busy making machines! As part of our summer 3D printer sale, we are offering an additional 6-pack of goodies to go with your new AXIOM printer. This is a $200+ value!

Buy an AXIOM, AXIOMe, or AXIOM DUAL 3D printer and enter promo code “6PACK” at checkout. You automatically will receive the following:

Take advantage of the Summer 6 Pack 3D printer sale
To see a 3D printer in action and check out the amazing objects printed on Airwolf 3D printers, please take a look at our videos or visit us on Facebook.

Airwolf 3D promo code

Summer 6-Pack 3D Printer Sale Details

Promotion only applies to the sale of a new AXIOM, AXIOMe, or AXIOM DUAL 3D printer. Promotion ends August 15, 2016. To take advantage of this offer, please visit the Airwolf 3D store.