3D Printing Boot Camp by Airwolf 3D

Advanced 3D Printer Training

Looking for an advanced 3D printer training course that is fully customized for your specific needs and applications?

Gain expert-level knowledge in our most intensive 3D printer training course yet! This session is customized for your organization and includes two full days of in-depth 3D printer training on the AXIOM series 3D printer. Taught by Airwolf 3D’s expert senior technicians, the course will cover how to use the AXIOM 3D printer and how to repair the printer if any issues arise.

3D Printing Hackathon
Learn from the best: Airwolf 3D’s best and brightest tech experts design and conduct each Advanced 3D printer training boot camp.

Best of all, this advanced 3D printer training program is fully customized to focus on your specific needs and the issues that might arise from your individual 3D printing applications.

The knowledge learned in this course is a great asset for individuals who are responsible for the maintenance and continuous operation of an Airwolf 3D AXIOM 3D printer.

Day 1: User-Level Training (Learn to use your 3D printer)

  • Essential concepts in 3D printing
  • Bed preparation
  • Viki interface and menu options
  • Removing, loading, and priming filament
  • Nozzle maintenance
  • Jam clearing procedures
  • Auto calibration
  • Thingiverse and Watertight
  • Slicing with Cura
  • Repetier-Host
  • Netfabb
  • Tips and tricks
  • And more!

Day 2: Advanced 3D Printer Training (Learn to diagnose and repair your printer)

  • General maintenance procedures
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Replace Viki LCD
  • Replace Rambo Board
  • Replace ERC
  • Update firmware
  • Test power supply, Rambo, and harnesses for connectivity issues
  • Test and replace fuses
  • Test heat cartridge
  • Thermistor troubleshooting and test
  • Introduction to TinkerCAD
  • Introduction to Fusion 360

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For more information or to schedule a boot camp, please contact Airwolf 3D at (949) 478-2933 or email us at info@airwolf3d.com.

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