Airwolf 3D machines among most popular 3D printers on

Airwolf 3D among most popular 3D printers on

Our friends over at AstroPrint, a cloud-based software provider for 3D printing, recently released statistics and trends based on users of its platform. The numbers revealed the 3D printers with the most print time and the most popular 3D printers on

3D Printers with the Most Print Time

We were very pleased to find our Airwolf 3D printers make such a strong showing. When it came to “3D Printers with the Most Print Time,” Airwolf 3D’s AW3D HDR printer took home the top spot. The numbers were calculated by percentage of print time on the AstroPrint Platform. Composing over a fourth of AstroPrint’s total print time, the AW3D HDR topped the list at 26.6%. When you include Airwolf 3D’s AW3D HD, AW3D HD2X, and AXIOM printers that also made it into Astroprint’s top ten spots, Airwolf 3D printers comprised over 40% of AstroPrint’s total print time.

3D Printers with the Most Print Time

Most Popular 3D Printers

Airwolf 3D also snagged four places on AstroPrint’s “Most Popular 3D Printers” list, which was determined based on the percentage of users running each printer on the AstroPrint Platform. Coming in at second place with 6.8% of all Astroprint users was Airwolf 3D’s AW3D HD2X machine. The AW3D HDR, AW3D HD, and AXIOM printers took fourth, sixth, and 7th place respectively.

Most popular 3D printers on

More information based on Astroprint’s 3D printing stats

Astroprint also released the numbers regarding the print quality employed by its users. The results show that a whopping 58.8% of AstroPrint users prefer custom settings for their 3D prints. In addition, Astroprint users overwhelmingly prefer Cura as their slicer of choice. Cura was utilized by 86.6% of Astroprint users while Slic3r was used by 13.4%.


Most popular 3D printing slicing software on

Airwolf 3D AXIOM 3D Printer

Airwolf 3D AXIOM reigns supreme

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