Introducing Talon X1: An all-in-one 3D-printed drone kit!

Airwolf releases 3D printing drone kit for education.

Airwolf 3D is proud to announce the release of the Talon X1 Drone — the first of several educational 3D-printing kits slated for release by Airwolf 3D. The desktop 3D printer manufacturer is developing these new kits to give educators an effective way to incorporate an extremely popular new technology with an integrated STEM curriculum. Furthermore, the 3D-printed drone kit for students was designed to serve as a tool that shows how to design products, prototype, and develop other cutting-edge technologies within the exciting world of 3D printing.

So what do 3D printers and drones have in common? Airwolf 3D Creative Director Tyler Caros shares the inspiration behind Airwolf 3D’s newest product release.

3D printing and drones: A match made for each other

Drone created with a 3D-printed drone kit for students.
The Talon X1 Drone’s maiden flight outside Airwolf 3D headquarters.

Back when I started at Airwolf 3D, I was fresh out of the drone industry. I actually first came upon Airwolf 3D as a customer who needed the perfect prototyping machine. Airwolf was right around the corner and, with its high-performance, but user-friendly machines, the company was the perfect choice for me. I bought a kit and was prototyping parts for commercial drones within hours.

Within the first couple of months I was able to produce many products for drones that were used in productions such as the American Pickers TV show, and Germany’s Next Top Model. Without the 3D printer, I would never have finished the amount of prototyping that needed to be done in such a short amount of time. To say the least, the 3D printer was the perfect tool.

Rising to the challenge: How to make STEM education accessible, affordable, effective…and fun!

3D-printed drone kit for students
Talon X1, Airwolf 3D’s new 3D-printed drone kit for students, includes everything needed to create a drone that really flies.

For the past couple of years, several teachers and students have asked me about how they can use their 3D printer to teach and learn in new and exciting ways. This was the perfect opportunity for me to step in and provide something that other companies have not done. Sure, there are thousands of projects online — they even include a full bill of materials and complete instructions. The problem with these projects is that they are not obtainable in a fast-paced education environment. Teachers simply do not have the time to order several individual parts, only later to find that certain items have been discontinued, are difficult to find, or are very expensive.

And the problem was growing. As I began speaking to more teachers, they all seemed to have the same desire: They wanted something fun to do with their printer — something that not only focuses on 3D printing, but also shows a way to use the printer as a tool. Not only do the teachers have to be excited to teach it, but the students must be able to relate. What better way to achieve this goal than combine 3D printing with the hottest new technology: drones.

An all-inclusive 3D-printed drone kit for students

The Talon X1 Educational Drone Kit encompasses 3D printing, electrical engineering, soldering skills, and programming — all in one easy-to-build package that comes with everything you need to not only build, but also to actually fly a cutting-edge quadcopter. From the STL files to all of the electronics, the kit comes with absolutely everything you need to print, build, and fly a 3D-printed drone. The 3D-printed drone kit for students is also upgradeable, as Airwolf 3D plans to release upgrades such as a live video feed, LED kits and much more. This kit brings the excitement of 3D printers and drones together in one great all-in-one package that is sure to get your students excited. The kit sells for $399.00 and is now available for pre-order (this product has been discontinued – contact Airwolf 3D staff if you are interested in a special order).

Join Airwolf 3D for the Talon X1’s first public flight…inside the Discovery Cube OC!

If you’ll be in the Southern California area, join us for Inventor’s Week at the Discovery Cube OC! From July 5th – July 10th, we will have a Talon X1 for you to check out and we’ll even be flying it within the museum. With plenty of interactive exhibits and invention activities, Inventor’s Week is a wonderful experience that’s fun for the whole family. We hope to see you there!

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