Looking to buy 3D printers for your school?

3D Printers for Schools

Why should you buy 3D printers for your school?

More employers are looking for students who have working knowledge of 3D printers and their processes. As such, if you buy a 3D printer for the classroom, your students will receive relevant skill sets that improve their chances at employment. It will also enable them to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities.

How do schools acquire funding to buy 3D printers?

Many community colleges have acquired a 3D printer via Perkins funding.

What types of 3D Printers are there ?

There are a variety of 3D printers. Your end-user requirements and cost constraints will largely determine your 3D printer selection. The type of source material will also be a factor. When it comes to having to buy 3D printers for your school, Airwolf 3D offers an unrivaled package for educators: We provide training, lesson plans, and bonus startup bundles that include extra materials, nozzles, glass and Wolfbite bed adhesion solution.

Depending on the 3D printer school package you purchase, Airwolf 3D will even provide the prize money for self-hosted 3D Printer Maker Challenges — and that is all on top of our standard 12-month warranty and 6-month tech support package.

While there are cheaper 3D printers used in classrooms, Airwolf 3D offers a solution that saves money over the long term and ultimately provides a 3D printing learning experience that best serves students, teachers, and their communities. Worried about your budget or technical ability? No problem. Give us a call at (949) 478-2933 or email us at info@airwolf3d.com. We’re happy to give you a free consultation and work with you to come up with the best options that fit your budget and optimize your curriculum.

What courses can a 3D Printer be integrated into?

If you want to buy 3D printers for your school, the Airwolf Axiom is an excellent choice3D Printers already have been integrated into several courses at various community colleges, including: Art, Architecture, Computer-Aided Design & Drafting, Engineering Technology, Manufacturing, Pre-Dental, and more. If you would like help determining how to integrate a 3D Printer into one of your courses, please contact your regional CACT director.

Are there any specialized facility needs when installing a 3D Printer?

In most cases, a 3D Printer can be plugged into an existing outlet. No special infrastructure-related considerations are required.

3D Printers for schools

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