Are your 3D-printed ABS parts not sticking to the bed?

Are your 3D-printed ABS parts not sticking to the bed

Are your parts made from ABS not sticking to the bed?

In the world of 3D printing, ABS can be a very frustrating material to work with. Are you tired of trying to remove your parts and you end up either breaking your glass, the PET film or the parts themselves? Or maybe your parts are warping, giving you peeled corners or cracked edges? Time and time again, one of the main 3d printing problems we hear about is ABS not sticking to the bed.

Wolfbite grips ABS parts to glass for flat, smooth parts

With Airwolf 3D’s Wolfbite solution, these frustrations are a thing of the past. When you use Wolfbite, no PET film or Capton tape is necessary. Simply dip the applicator brush into the bottle and give the glass a nice, light coat. This coat will give you numerous prints.

Use this solution when you have the problem of ABS not sticking to the bedAfter applying the Wolfbite, put your glass on the heat bed and begin your print. Notice now that you get no peeling, warping or cracking and the ABS sticks perfectly to the glass. After months of testing, Airwolf 3D specially formulated this solution to not only allow parts to stick properly to the bed without warping and cracking, but also to allow the user to remove parts easily when printing is complete. Tired of poor surface quality on the bottom of your parts? Wolfbite also solves this issue. Get a nice smooth, clean finish on every part you print. Wolfbite works with any brand of 3D printer.

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If ABS not sticking to the bed is not your only problem, Wolfbite also prevents a wide variety of materials from sticking to your build plate and is available in three other Wolfbite solutions specially formulated for your material of choice:

Original Formula Wolfbite fixes the problem of ABS not sticking to the bed.

Wolfbite for 3D printing with ABS, PETG, TPU, and TPE

Wolfbite Nano for PLA

Wolfbite Mega for Polycarbonate and PC/ABS

Wolfbite Nitro for superior Nylon-Based adhesion