My First Design in Fusion 360: Airwolf 3D Tool Caddy

First Design in Fusion 360

Hello, my name is Florence Castellanos. I became an Airwolf 3D employee in April of 2015. Before working here, I didn’t know anything about 3D printing or design. I became intrigued when I saw all the incredible possibilities that 3D printing offers. I decided to give Fusion 360 a shot. It is definitely more sophisticated than some other types of software, but that makes me even more excited about what I’ll be able to create.

My First Design in Fusion 360

Tool CaddyIt took me about three weeks to learn the basics of Fusion 360 and perfect my design. I still have a lot to learn, but seeing how well this project turned out is definitely great motivation to keep on learning. The idea for my Tool Caddy design came from always misplacing my tools. I thought, how cool would it be to have something similar to a regular toolbox, but for all my Airwolf tools that I use on a daily basis?

I wanted everything to have a place, so I made sure to have a compartment for all the important tools and accessories needed to run an Airwolf 3D printer. 

How to 3D print an Airwolf 3D Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy DesignFor this design, I decided to use the AW3D AXIOM 3D printer. I used Cura as my printing slicing software and ABS standard settings (hot end temperature at around 235-255°C and bed temperature between 110-130°C). ABS filament in Natural was my material of choice because of its impact resistance, strength and stiffness. For bed adhesion, I applied one coat of Wolfbite for ABS prior to heating the bed and my part stuck firmly to the glass. Infill was 15% and speed was 70 mm/s. The longevity of this print is 15 hours and 27 minutes.

If you would like to print up one of these handy tool caddies for yourself, you can find my design on Watertight.

My first 3D print created using Fusion 360.
The finished product! A 3D-printed tool caddy for all the tools needed to run an Airwolf 3D printer!

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