Introducing a 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive: Wolfbite NITRO

Airwolf 3D today announces Wolfbite NITRO™, a premium 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive

3D Printing Nylon Adhesive (2)Costa Mesa, Calif., (Via PR-WEB)

Wolfbite NITRO™, a premium solution specifically engineered to bond Nylon and Nylon Alloy/Polymer blend parts straight to glass 3D printer build plates without lifting–also known in the industry as ”warpage”–and to enable smooth release of objects after printing. Wolfbite NITRO™ works with any 3D printer equipped with a heated bed that utilizes glass or ceramic printing surfaces.

”For the first time, 3D printer users can directly print Nylon on glass substrates. We’re extremely proud to have developed the first solution capable of effectively bonding Nylon to glass and ceramic build surfaces,” said Erick Wolf, co-founder, Airwolf 3D. ”The result is that users will see substantial improvement in the output of their Nylon 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite NITRO™.”

NITRO 3D Printing Nylon AdhesiveNylon is an ideal material for 3D printing high-strength, functional parts because of its superior tensional and flexural strength characteristics, as well as its resistance to heat and shrinkage. Nylon and Nylon-based materials are also desirable 3D printing materials because of their machinability and low friction properties. Traditionally, however, these materials did not bond to glass 3D printer build plates. The most common methods for encouraging adhesion to the build plate is combining PET film and generous coats of washable glue; a process that can be inconvenient, messy, and costly. The most significant limitation of this method is that one can only print small Nylon parts due to the de-bonding and warpage during the print process.

Airwolf 3D’s new proprietary 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive Wolfbite NITRO™, with its advanced surface chemistry, solves these common Nylon-printing problems. When the build plate cools down, Wolfbite NITRO™ relaxes its bond with the 3D printed object, allowing for easy removal of the part. Wolfbite NITRO™ 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive is the latest addition to the Wolfbite family of products that include Wolfbite MEGA for 3D printing Polycarbonate, Wolfbite for ABS, PETG, TPU, AND TPE, and Wolfbite Nano for use with PLA.

”As a leading manufacturer of high-temperature 3D printers that excel at producing large 3D printed parts in Nylon and Nylon-based materials, we are aware of the frustrations that users have with the bed adhesion of their Nylon parts,” said Erick Wolf co-founder, Airwolf 3D. “After months of research and development we are pleased to offer a 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive solution that will benefit nearly all desktop 3D printer users.”

This new, environmentally friendly solution resolves the acute problem of Nylon-based 3D printing, part adhesion, and warpage. The solution combines the latest results in the area of polyelectrolyte chemistry, advanced polymer science and nanotechnology creating the best possible 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive solution. In terms of the bonding strength, this is the strongest Wolfbite solution developed and is the only solution in the world which allows direct printing of large Nylon parts directly to glass.

3D Printing Nylon AdhesiveWhile it is designed to improve the usability and size of Nylon prints for any 3D printer capable of extruding at high temperature, Wolfbite NITRO™ 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive is especially effective when used with the next generation AXIOM series of 3D Printers. The AXIOM’s full enclosure provides a stable printing environment that protects the 3D print from fluctuations in temperature that can ruin large prints. When combined with the AXIOM’s fully enclosed print chamber, Wolfbite NITRO™ enables users to print large parts in Nylon that were previously only possible in some of the most expensive industrial 3D printers on the market.

3D Printing Nylon Adhesive NITRO BottlesWolfbite NITRO™ 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive is packaged in a two fluid ounce container and comes with a foam brush applicator. It is currently available for sale on the Airwolf 3D website at an introductory price of $19.95. Airwolf 3D will also be demonstrating Wolfbite NITRO™ at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing, ATX West, Electronics West, WestPack, PLASTEC West, MD&M West, and Quality Expo in Anaheim, Calif.

Wolfbite 3D Printing Bed Adhesives.

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