3D Scan: Duplicate Yourself

3D Scan Duplicate Yourself

CES 2016: The Wolfpack decided to stop by Artec 3D’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show and 3D Scan one of our team members.

Artec 3D brought its hi-res portable 3D Scanners and instant full-body 3D Scanning system, Shapify Booth, to CES 2016. The Artec Shapify Booth is a 3D body scanning and selfie making automatic machine. The person gets scanned in 12 seconds and 5 minutes later a detailed 3D model is created.

Shapify Booth: Your Own 3D Printed Selfie

3D Scan Eva 3D PrintedAs we walked around CES we couldn’t resist a stop by Artec 3D’s Shapify Booth and to get a 3D Scan. The Wolfpack also wanted to take their Selfie game to the next level with a 3D printed statue of one of our team members. You get 3D Scanned by the Shapify Booth, choose the figurine size you want, give your shipping address and you’ll receive your own figurine a few weeks later. You can also download your 3D model from the Shapify website for $20. You can find Shapify 3D Scan points here.

Download the model on Watertight

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