3D Printing with Bridge Nylon: Tips and Tricks

3D Printing with Bridge Nylon

The countdown to Christmas continues with our 25 Days of Materials, up next is Bridge Nylon.

25 Days of MaterialsTis the season to be jolly, join the Wolfpack in a fun 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown to Christmas and learn about 25 different materials and their unique properties! The objects to be 3D printed are part of the Advent Calendar/Christmas Tree designed by pleppik. Every day we will be unveiling a new part of the Advent Calendar and talking about a different special 3D printing material.

Day 10: Igloo. 3D Printing with Bridge Nylon

3D Printed IglooFollowing the Wolfpack’s 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown is an Igloo 3D Printed with Bridge Nylon. This filament combines the toughness of Nylon with the printing ease of PLA.  Items printed in Bridge Nylon filament are stronger and more resilient than parts printed in more common materials. The combination of strength, reduced shrinkage, and ease in printing allows you to go from 3D model to 3D printed part ready to be installed.

When to use Bridge Nylon:

  • Gears (in fact, all Airwolf 3D printer gears are made with Bridge).
  • Supports for spacers, flanges and general utility.
  • Household replacement parts.

3D Printing with Bridge Nylon: Tips and Tricks

  • Use a standard purple glue stick on PET film for bed adhesion.
  • We recommend setting your hot end temperature at around 270 °C when 3D printing with Bridge Nylon.
  • Set your bed temperature at 70 °C.
Did you know?
  • Nylon was discovered to replace silk.Toothbrush Bristles
  • The first commercial use of nylon was for toothbrush bristles.
  • Nylon was first introduced at the 1932 World’s Fair – along with the xerox-style copier and Wonderbread.
  • During the first five years of production, Nylon fiber was used for major parachute production.

Bridge Nylon
Are you ready to start 3D Printing with Bridge Nylon? Great! You can buy some Bridge Nylon filament here https://airwolf3d.com/shop/bridge-nylon-filament.


Below is a chart listing the 3D printing filaments we will be discussing over the next 25 Days of Materials.

Day 1: Nylon.
Day 2: HIPS.
Day 3: Stainless Steel PLA.
Day 4: PC-ABS.
Day 5: PETG.
Day 6: PLA.
Day 7: IGUS Iglidur.
Day 8: Coffee PLA.

Melting Points for 3D Printing Materials

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