3D Printing with IGUS Iglidur: Tips and Tricks

3D Printing with IGUS Iglidur

The countdown to Christmas continues with our 25 Days of Materials, up next is IGUS Iglidur.

Tis the season to be jolly, join the Wolfpack in a fun 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown to Christmas and learn about 25 different materials and their unique properties! The objects to be 3D printed are part of the Advent Calendar/Christmas Tree designed by pleppik.  Everyday we will be unveiling a new part of the Advent Calendar and talking about a different special 3D printing material.

Day 7: Candle. 3D Printing with IGUS Iglidur

3d Printed CandleFollowing the Wolfpack’s 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown is a Candle 3D printed with IGUS Iglidur. Iglidur® l180-PF Tribo-filament is up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional 3D printer materials. This filament gives more flexibility for the design of bearings, even prototypes can be produced relatively cost-effectively and quickly. The unique characteristics of this  IGUS Iglidur make it possible to 3D print functional, self-lubricating bearings for the first time.

When to use  IGUS Iglidur:

  • IGUS Iglidur is usually used in prototype construction, small batches and test installation.
  • We recommend using IGUS Iglidur when PTFE and silicone are not allowed in for your application. Applications like these can be found in the fields of electrical engineering, the tobacco and luxury food industry, as well as in applications dealing with painting processes.
  • IGUS Iglidur is perfect for applications with low speeds.
  • In dirty environments.

3D Printing with IGUS Iglidur: Tips and Tricks

  • We recommend setting your hot end temperature between 240 and 250 °C when 3D printing with IGUS Iglidur.
  • Set your bed temperature at 130-140 °C.
  • Apply Wolfbite MEGA.

Did you know?

IGUS Iglidur3D printed bearings save time and money by eliminating expensive tooling and manufacturing procedures. Not only can you now print custom, functional bearings on your desktop, but you can also create designs that have never even been considered before because of the limitations of older technology.  Read this article on how 3D Printed Bearings Could Revolutionize the Industry.


Are you ready to start 3D Printing with IGUS IGUS Iglidur (2)Iglidur? Awesome! You can buy some IGUS Iglidur filament here https://airwolf3d.com/shop/igus-iglidurr-l180-pf-tribo-filament.


Below is a chart listing the 3D printing filaments we will be discussing over the next 25 Days of Materials.

25 Days of Materials.
Day 1: Nylon.
Day 2: HIPS.
Day 3: Stainless Steel PLA.
Day 4: PC-ABS.
Day 5: PETG.
Day 6: PLA.

Melting Points for 3D Printing Materials

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