3D Printing with PC-ABS: Tips and Tricks

3D Printing with PC-ABS

The countdown to Christmas continues with our 25 Days of Materials, up next is PC-ABS

Tis the season to be jolly, join the Wolfpack in a fun 25 Days of Materials 3D printing 3D Printed Christmas Treecountdown to Christmas and learn about 25 different materials and their unique properties! The objects to be 3D printed are part of the Advent Calendar/Christmas Tree designed by pleppik.  Everyday we will be unveiling a new part of the Advent Calendar and talking about a different special 3D printing material.

Day 4: X-Wing. 3D Printing with PC-ABS

X-Wing 3D Printing with PC-ABSFollowing the Wolfpack’s 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown is an ”X-Wing” 3D Printed with PC-ABS. Our Polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS) is an incredibly tough material designed for strong, resilient parts. This unique material provides vast improvements (over standard ABS) in heat deflection, impact resistance, rigidity, and surface finish. PC-ABS is a blend of Polycarbonate and ABS plastic which combines the strength of PC with the flexibility of ABS.

Some interesting facts about PC-ABS:

  • PC-ABS acts like ABS while being 3D printed. Just like many engineering thermoplastics, it will shrink when it cools down.
  • Our PC-ABS filament is moisture sensitive and should be kept bagged with desiccant.
  • 3D printed parts in PC-ABS are tough and durable. Parts are built tough and can be used as usable parts and functional end-use products.
  • PC-ABS is widely used in automotive, electronics and telecommunications applications.

3D Printing with PC-ABS: Tips and Tricks

  • Because this this filament is hygroscopic, pre-drying the filament in an oven at 85-95°C for an hour may be required for good printing.
  • One of the limiting factors for the professional consumers using 3D printers is theWolfbite MEGA problem with bed adhesion. Wolfbite MEGA can be applied directly to the 3D printer bed. It perfectly bonds to PC-ABS and Polycarbonate parts. After the part is complete and cool it removes easily. One coat of Wolfbite MEGA is good for up to 10 prints, without having to re-apply.
  • PC-ABS prints best with the bed set at 140°C.
  • Make sure to set your hot end temperature to 270° C when 3D printing with PC-ABS.

What is made with PC-ABS?

  • Laptop computer cases.
  • Keyboards, monitors, printer enclosures.
  • Non-professional safety helmets.
  • Small tractor hoods.
  • Automotive instrument panel retainers.
  • Portable appliances, flashlights, phones.
  • Wheel covers.

Are you ready to start 3D Printing with PC-ABS? Great! You can buy some PC-ABS filament here https://airwolf3d.com/shop/pc-abs-professional-filament-2-85mm-2-2lb-186/.

More Materials To Follow!

Below is a chart to list a few of the 3D printing filaments that we will be discussing over the next 25 Days of Materials.

25 Days of Materials.
Day 1: Nylon.
Day 2: HIPS.
Day 3: Stainless Steel PLA.

Melting Points for 3D Printing Materials

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