San Clemente Community Rallies Together to Buy Airwolf 3D Printer for Classroom

3D Printer for Classroom in San Clemente is Now a Reality

p1535540_004_mdlgChildren love to attempt new and daring things, but because many are afraid of failure, it can greatly hinder their desire to try new things. 3D printing takes away that fear since it helps to fill them with the confidence to try different things that are unknown. Additive manufacturing has existed for over 25 years, but it has taken a while to establish itself as a technology in the classroom setting. Educators and students alike are attempting to find different means to the one common scientific end: exploring the different ways that 3D printers can influence and enhance the learning in the classroom. 3D printing in education is unique compared to other technologies since it is 3D Printer for Classroomnot only okay to fail, but it also encourages students with experimentation in their learning. One technology teacher, Chuck Hobbs, of Vista del Mar Middle School in San Clemente, decided that a 3D printer in his classroom would prove beneficial for the future of his students. He established a page on, and the monetary donations began pouring in. Not only was the support coming from local parents and friends of the school, but it was receiving national notice, such as from a group of science, engineering, and business students at the University of Texas:

p1535540_001_mdlg“We’re a group of science, engineering, and business students at the University of Texas,” said the students, “growing up, we all had the chance to be bewildered by math and science through technology. We want to extend the same opportunity to all of you.” 
In less than a month, the goal of $3022 was reached, and the technology teacher could not be happier:



“Thank you all for your help in bringing p1535540_005_mdlg3D printing to Vista del Mar Middle School. Since the arrival of the printer in the spring, the students have been busy creating incredible designs. Utilizing a program called “TinkerCAD” the students have learned to manipulate and craft projects in 3 dimensions. While we were originally sketching out objects in 2D with only width and height, the students quickly grasped the concept of depth and began to turn out whimsical creatures, busts of sci-fi characters, and even the occasional surf-wax comb. Their projects have ranged from the practical, such as iPhone stands and cases, to the decorative, such as vases and sculptures. Throughout the entire process, they have been exposed to Computer Aided Design (CAD), academic and scientific language, creative thought, collaborative work, and other 21st Century skills. Thank you again for your help in getting such “cutting edge” technology into the hands of our 11, 12, and 13 year olds and giving them the opportunity to begin gaining skills which will benefit them long into their future!


Chuck Hobbs

Technology Teacher

Vista del Mar Middle School”

p1535540_003_mdlgMr. Hobbs and the students went to work with their new 3D printer right away, learning the programs such as TinkerCAD and helping the students to fully understand and utilize the benefits of Computer Aided Design (CAD). The printer is a success, and Mr. Hobbs is positive about how gaining an understanding this new science will help them to grow in the future.  Clearly, the offering students access to a 3D Printer for Classroom based projects in an excellent way to engage them.

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