Airwolf 3D’s AXIOM Enters the Discovery Cube OC

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Axiom3Earlier this month, Airwolf 3D’s co-founders Erick and Eva Wolf donated one of their brand new AXIOM printers to the Discovery Cube of Orange County. The Discovery Cube received their new machine and quickly went to work implementing it into their upcoming Halloween exhibit, ”Spooky Science”, where children will receive the opportunity to learn about bugs, bones, 3D printing, x-rays, holograms and enjoy live demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

skull2With their new AXIOM printer, the exhibit will be printing human parts and organs to display with the printer in the ”Mad Scientist” house. After the completion of the Halloween season, the printer will continue to be used on display for exhibits and will give children (and adults!) of all ages their first glimpse at a 3D printer in action.
Airwolf AXIOM”It’s amazing what advancements we have made within the last 100 years and this is unreal,” said Kathy from George Washington Carver in Long Beach, ”and this 3D printer just shows me how far we are going to go.” With the recent inception of the AXIOM printer, Airwolf Airwolf3D AXIOM3D took a clean sheet of paper and designed the 3D printer from the ground-up to meet the demands of not only 3D printing enthusiasts, but also the growing market for the education of younger children. One of the top demands was for a 3D printer with better speed, accuracy, and simplicity. To accomplish this feat Airwolf 3D implemented a precision CoreXY motion control system that is commonly found in high-end manufacturing equipment along with automatic leveling and calibration to make 3D printing a snap. Airwolf 3D is proud to support The Discovery Cube, a non-profit organization that inspires and educates young minds through engaging science bases programs and exhibits to create a meaningful impact on the communities they have served for over 25 years. Both the founders as well as the Airwolf 3D community have an interest in promoting technological education and inspiring youth to follow career paths in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

The Spooky Science exhibit will be running from October 3rd – November 1st. For more information on how to witness the new AXIOM printer firsthand, please visit the Discovery Cube’s website.

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