3D Printed Fixtures in Airwolf 3D’s Shipping Department Save Time

Time Saving Devices: 3D Check out these time saving devices. These are custom 3D printed fixtures which are designed and printed for the shipping department at Airwolf 3D

3D printed fixtures can save your company tons of time and money.  One of the most amazing aspects of 3D printing is how it can be utilized for quicker innovation. Designs that took weeks, or even months to produce can be replicated instantly. Everything from food, clothing, even new devices for space exploration will be designed more rapidly, bringing inventions to market faster for consumers. Since 3D printers reduce the time needed to transform ideas from concepts to products, designers will be able to focus more on the actual function of the product. We are positive that the 3D printing industry will not only quickly grow the economy as a whole, but also let creative geniuses prosper.

Even though we are planning on IMG_9966dominating product infrastructure on a large scale, this does not stop us from appreciating the small innovations 3D printing makes possible. Courtney, one of our favorites in the shipping department, has not only been extra busy shipping our new AXIOMs to consumers, but also teaching herself Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

IMG_99683D Printed Fixtures are Born from Necessity

This past week, she gave herself the project of organizing the massive array of cords in the middle of the round table (Stage 1 of shipping) using 3D printed fixtures. Six 3D printers fit on the table and as each one gets turned on, an ethernet cord is inserted to get the Wolf Boxes reprogrammed before they move to Stage 2. There’s nothing more annoying than the cord falling into the middle of the table and having to crawl under and pull it back up!

Word Origin & History

fixture: 1590s, act of fixing, perhaps from fix on model of mixture. Meaning “anything fixed or securely fastened” is from 1812.

Her solution to this problem was to design custom 3D printed fixtures. She did it in two 3D Printed Fixturespieces and just drilled holes to insert screws. You can read more about and download Courtney’s design and 3D print a copy of this for yourself from Watertight or click here.

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