The Best 3D Printer for Digital Sculptures

Why Do I Need A 3D Printer For Digital Media Arts Class?

3D Printer for Digital

From prehistoric civilizations to this day sculpture has experienced several facets, medieval and Renaissance sculptors would work together with artisans and tended to have large workshops to perform their works. Over time many of their techniques and tools remain the same or similar. With the appearance of 3D digital technology other type of sculptors called 3D Modelers emerged. Their work can be now contemplated on specialized softwares, video games, or movies for educational or illustrative purposes. This technology had the limitation of being viewed exclusively through a projector or screen until the 3D printer was created.



3D Printer for Digital This gave an enormous twist to the way of viewing a sculpture or 3D modeling and also being able not just to see it but to materialize it and have it in your hands, it’s revolutionizing the way to realize the creations of these amazing artists which can also be developed in different size and materials. Artists like Tyler Caros that by using this technology modeled in ZBrush a stunning replica of an Ancient Greek helmet which was materialized with the new AXIOM 3D printer by Airwolf 3D. Tyler often uses a 3d printer for digital media art development and it has helped him to quickly hone and improve his modeling skills.




3D Printer for Digital

Spanish 3D Modeler Eduardo Cortés created the Conan character, which a time-lapse video was made to show the process of materializing a 3D digital sculpture of 10 inches in ABS printed in a time of 49 hours 11 minutes, without losing bed adhesion, no warping or cracking. This is how 3D printing as well as helping in the medical and engineering development is also changing the way that art can be created and displayed. The all new AXIOM 3D printer is the most reliable option on the market for digital modelers and sculptors.

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