Increasing the Usefulness of your 3D Printer with Mold Products




IMG_0030Troy Peterson of BJB Enterprises Inc. showed us how to increase the usefulness of your 3D Printer with amazing molding techniques. These are social and educational meetups to learn about this technology, its diverse applications, with opportunities to see 3D Printers in action, show off your latest creations, learn more about open source softwares, meet other 3D-ers, collaborate on new group projects, share and learn useful 3D Printing tricks and tips, see tests performed with new materials, tools, etc. for the first time and talk about the latest trends and events in the 3D Printing Industry.


IMG_0036 (2)

Troy showed us how to cast shiny parts that look like glass, softer silicone, foam samples, and about hard production quality parts resembling ABS. Let’s say you have a project where you need to create a couple dozen identical foam finger shapes, casting from a mold is the clear solution here.




Having a 3D Printer that can fabricate plastic prototypes is one thing, but having the capacity to print plastic molds that you can cast is an amazing advantage in the industry. It’s inexpensive, faster and less labor intense, which makes it ideal for the production of small product runs.