Architects 3D Print Dream Homes and Furnish them too.

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Nat Ellis, the Head of 3D Visualisation at UK-based JB Architecture, is at it again. A while back Airwolf 3D discussed how jbA was using their model HDx to improve their client’s experience by providing 3D printed models of their 2D blueprints. This novel use of 3D printing technology allowed JB Architecture to improve the customer experience by accurately conveying information in a medium that they can understand. In Nat’s words,

“Most people can’t read, or haven’t had experience reading 2D plans so they struggle to visualise exactly what the property will be like.”

The image shown here demonstrates how 3D models can be effective at conveying 2-dimensional information to people who are not accustomed to reading blueprints.

3D Interior perspective jbA on Airwolf 3d HDx

3D printing has the ability to bridge communication gaps between the architects and their clients, and also between the various contractors and support teams who are involved in the construction process. For the past year,  jbA has been leveraging 3D printing to enhance their already cutting edge suite of architectural services, but now they are taking it one step further: JB Architects 3D print home furnishings for their models too! architects 3d print

 3D Printed Dream Home

JBA Architecture Kitchen

JB Architecture produces 1:50 scale models of popular furnishings produced by designers such as Neptune Kitchens. Every 3D printed piece in jbA’s portfolio contains a unique reference number that coincides with a real product that can be incorporated into the client’s design plan. In effect, jbA’s clients receive a dollhouse sized model of their dream home with every detail, right down to the exact toaster oven, perfectly reproduced by 3D printing expert, Nat Ellis. Aside from the obvious fun factor, these 3D printed furnishings allow clients to form better impressions of how various products will look and function in their new homes. Customers can mix, match, and reorganize their furnishings in endless combinations until they find exactly the right fit for their dream home. This allows them to visualize the end results and to dream about their futures in more profound ways than were possible before the introduction of 3D printed models.

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JBA Architecture Kitchen

What is the best 3D Printer for Architecture?

JB Architecture currently uses the feature packed AW3D HDx 3D printer to produce scale models of the buildings, floor plans, and furnishings seen here. The Airwolf 3D HDx features a large build volume (1150 cm³) and prints in layer heights of .60 microns at speeds of 150 mm/s. The features and print quality of the Airwolf 3D HD-series printers are matched only by the all-new AW3D AXIOM series of 3D printers available for pre-order today. The AXIOM series 3D printers have the same large build volume that Airwolf 3D printers are known for; however, the AW3D AXIOM also comes equipped with a new CoreXY motion control system commonly seen in high end manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines. When combined with the AXIOM’s fully enclosed print theater the CoreXY motion control system produces 3D models with layer heights of .40 microns at speeds of 250 mm/s. The AXIOM’s improved JRx hotend can print at sustained temperatures of over 315° C which makes it capable of printing in over 30 different thermoplastic materials including nylon and polycarbonate. When combined with Astroprint–a free cloud based slicing engine and file management system–the AXIOM’s active Automatic Bed Leveling system makes AXIOM one of the most effective and architect-friendly 3D printing systems available. Click here, if you would like to Buy an AXIOM 3D Printer, or Email, with the subject ARCHITECTURE for a free consultation on how 3D printing can benefit your architectural firm.

architects 3d print

architects 3d printarchitects 3d print


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