The All New AXIOM 3D Printer by Airwolf 3D


Meet the all new AXIOM, the latest addition to the Airwolf 3D line of prosumer grade 3D printers. Airwolf 3D set a new standard of 3D printing performance when they unveiled the AXIOM at the 2015 MD&M East expo in New York, NY. Fans at the event marveled over the AXIOM’s ability to produce fast, ultra high resolution prints. At just $3995.00 the AXIOM 3D printer offers performance and features that simply outclass competing 3D printers that cost up to three times as much!

Core XY Motion Control System

3d printer
So, what makes the AXIOM so special? To start with, the AXIOM is not just an upgrade of existing Airwolf 3D technology.  Airwolf 3D took a clean sheet of paper and designed the AXIOM 3D printer from the ground-up to meet the demands of 3D printing enthusiasts. One of those demands was for a 3D printer with better speed, accuracy, and simplicity. To accomplish this feat Airwolf 3D implemented a CoreXY motion control system that is commonly found in high-end manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines.

CoreXY is a motion control technique in which two stationary motors manipulate the position of the print head through a mutually opposed tethering system.  Many motion control systems use a dedicated motor for X and Y axes movements. The concept is similar to how the knobs on an Etch-a-Sketch work to control either the up/down, or the left/right motion of the toy. The CoreXY motion control system employed by the AXIOM; however, uses the inputs from both motors simultaneously to position the print head. Since the belt tension is kept uniform along both axes the print head can be repositioned more quickly, more smoothly, and more accurately; all with minimal backlash. When applied to the AXIOM the CoreXY motion control system results in print head movement that is both, fluid and responsive.  The AXIOM 3D printer is also very fast, boasting print speeds of 250mm/s and traverse speeds of 400mm/s!

Full EnclosureAXIOM 3d printer

The print quality of the AXIOM is further improved by the addition of a fully enclosed print theater. The full enclosure protects print objects from fluctuations in temperature that can lead to problems such as warpage and delamination, especially in large print jobs. Thanks to the AXIOM’s womb-like protection, users can expect the best print quality and layer-to-layer adhesion of any 3D printer in its class. The AXIOM’s is also well-suited for use in educational settings because the same enclosure that helps to keep heat inside the print theater also helps to keep curious hands and fingers out of it.

A secondary benefit of the AXIOMs enclosure is its ability to be stacked one atop the other. The CoreXY motion control system allowed Airwolf 3D engineers to relocate the filament feeding port to the back of the machine instead of the top which gives the AXIOM 3D printer a truly cubic footprint.  This feature, in conjunction with the smooth coreXY drive system, create a 3D printing platform that can easily be expanded to meet product demand while making the best use of available space in the user’s production facility.

Active Auto Leveling

3d printThe AXIOM incorporates several new features that also make it one of the most user friendly 3D printers in the world. The AXIOM 3D printer comes standard, for example, with a heated print bed that actively levels the bed throughout the entire print job. Just prior to beginning a print the AXIOM takes precise measurements of all four points of the printbed. Based on these measurements the AXIOM actively adjusts the bed to compensate for deviations which allows the user to simply start printing without the usual process of tightening a nut here, or loosening a bolt there. This feature dramatically reduces the likelihood of failed prints because the AXIOM automatically ensures that the bed leveling and print head spacing adjustments are made prior to beginning the print. When combined with Astroprint–a cloud based slicing and file management system–the AXIOM becomes one of the most user friendly 3D printers available. Customers simply select their printer model, their material, and their desired resolution; the AXIOM does the rest!

Ceramic Glass Build Plate

Airwolf 3D Ceramic Glass Plate

The AXIOM 3D printer comes equipped with a high tech ceramic glass build plate that offers a significant improvement to the strength and heat resistance characteristics offered by traditional tempered glass. The camber reinforced ceramic glass plate resists cracking, chipping, and breaking while offering better heat transfer and adhesion to thermoplastic material. For ease-of-use Airwolf 3D did away with the previous plate retention system that made use of binder clips in exchange for a slick new Slide-In Locking System. AXIOM users simply slide the ceramic glass plate into place and the plate retention system automatically locks it in place with an audible *click. Not only is the system easy to use but it also prevents users from having to reach into the machine where the high-temperature components reside.

 End User Replacement Cassette (ERC)

3d printer CASSETTE

Airwolf 3D designed the AXIOM with what they call the, “End User Replacement Cassette (ERC) system” which is intended to streamline the service and upgrade process. Users do not have to have any mechanical competence to upgrade or repair their AXIOM models. Whenever the user wants to install the latest upgrades they need only to remove the ERC and swap it out with a replacement ERC. With rapid advances in 3D printing technology, customers want to ensure that their AXIOM will not quickly become obsolete. The ERC protects user investment by ensuring that the latest advances in 3D printing technology can be incorporated into the ERC quickly, easily, and inexpensively; which helps to extend the service life of the AXIOM platform.

The same holds true for repairs; if a component ever wears out there is no need to troubleshoot the problem or to repair individual components. Simply contact Airwolf 3D and we will swap the entire ERC with a new one. This new upgrade/repair process ensures that any user, regardless of mechanical prowess, can get their 3D printers back up and running with minimal downtime. Airwolf 3D customers are covered by a standard 1-year parts and labor warranty, and 6 months of unlimited technical support. Extended Service Plans are also available that cover the AXIOM for up to 3-years and allow unlimited technical support for the duration of those three years.

AW3D JrX Hotend

3d printer hotendThe AXIOM 3D printer will initially come equipped with a single improved JrX hotend capable of sustained temperatures of 315°C (599°F). The jam resistant print head allows the AXIOM to extrude nearly any type of thermoplastic material available including polycarbonate and nylon with layer heights of low as 40 microns! At the time of this writing Airwolf 3D has tested over 35 different materials for use with the high-temperature JrX print head which offers AXIOM users a much wider selection of materials than most competitors currently offer. A dual head AXIOM model is planned for release in early 2016. When combined with the CoreXY motion control and fully enclosed print theater the JrX hotend used in the AXIOM is capable of producing larger, cleaner, and more detailed models than competing models that cost nearly 3 times as much as the AXIOM. Click here if you would like to learn more about the AXIOM 3D Printer.


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