Lakewood Native, Faith Lennox Tugs Heartstrings with New 3D Printed Hand.

Faith Lennox


Hand it to Faith

Faith Lennox and Carina King of Build It Workspace
Carina King of Build It Workspace shows Faith Lennox how to fine tune her new prosthetic hand.

Seven-year old, Faith Lennox was born with a physical anomaly called compartment syndrome caused by an injury that she sustained during her birth. In Faith’s case the injury was so severe that doctors were forced to amputate her limb when she was just 6 months old.  As many parents will attest, raising children is an expensive endeavor. This is especially true for parents raising children with special needs. The cost of traditional adaptive equipment such as the high-end robotic model shown here can easily exceed $30k per unit. If that price tag already sounds cost-prohibitive, consider that many children Faith’s age are required to replace their prosthesis every 1 to 2 years. That’s according to Douglas G. Smith M.D. in Limb Loss in Children: Prosthetic Issues. The main reason is simple: children grow…and they grow fast!

faith lennox 3d printed hand

Faith’s parents, Greg and Nicole Lennox struggled to find the most affordable short term prosthesis for their daughter. They needed a device that would be functional, affordable, comfortable, and most importantly, that Faith would enjoy wearing. The tripartite cooperation of E-Nable, BUILD IT Workspace, and Airwolf 3D provided just such a product  to the Lennox family for about $50 USD!

Faith Lennox

Faith’s New 3D Printed Hand

Thanks to the simple, modular design of Faith’s new 3d printed hand she can modify, repair, and replace the unit with minimal time, cost, and effort. Watch Faith trying on her brand new purple, pink, and blue 3d printed hand for the first time here at KTLA. Airwolf 3D would like to extend thanks to the E-Nable community who selflessly provide children with affordable adaptive equipment like the prosthetic hand shown here; and to Mark Lengsfeld and Carina King of BUILD IT Workshop who organized the event and work diligently to provide a maker space for children and adults alike. And a special thanks to Faith and the rest of the Lennox family who allowed us to be a part of such a special moment in your lives.

Faith Lennox

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