Dinjee LLC battle-tests Glo Rails™ in Monster X Tour 2015.


As a testament to Dinjee Glo Rail’s™ strength and durability CEO Bryan Hickman decided to strap them to nearly a dozen monster trucks performing in the Monster X Tour shown in the video above. These Glo Rail-clad behemoths can be seen rampaging their way through 75 cities across North America throughout 2015. It seems like a rather extreme field test of a product but, in the words of Dinjee founder Bryan Hickman, when you want to test durability you, “take your product/s and run them through the thick dust of California sand, expose them to the frigid cold air of late Canadian winters and drag them through deep, slick, heavy Mississippi mud.” And, this is exactly what Dinjee Glo Rails™ will do on their tour across North America!

Dinjee GloRail mounting elbow
Dinjee Glo Rail mounting elbow

Dinjee LLC constructed the mounting elbows for their Glo Rail™ system using Airwolf 3D printers. This allowed the company to take full control of their production process rather than having the mounting elbows produced by a 3rd party vendor. Using Airwolf 3D printers to manufacture components allowed Dinjee to keep their costs down while giving them the ability to rapidly prototype new designs for nearly every make and model vehicle in existence! Here is a picture of one of the Glo Rail™ mounting elbows printed in white ABS.  Hickman discussed some of the manufacturing methods used in the production of his Glo Rail™ system on the official SEMA Show blog which you can read here: Glo Rail Manufacturing Process. Those who follow the link will see that Dinjee LLC puts a lot of love into every Glo Rail™ unit that they produce!

GloRails.gifDinjee LLC is located in Conroe, Texas and manufactures all of its products in the USA. Glo Rails come pre-assembled in assorted colors and can even be embellished with hydrographic designs. Glo Rails™ can be used for aesthetic or safety purposes and are well-suited for use on emergency vehicles.  If you would like more information on purchasing Dinjee Glo Rails™please visit their site here: www.Dinjee.com.





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