What is the Difference between t-glase and PETG?

 What is the difference between t-glase and PETG?

There is frequently some confusion on the difference between T-glase and PETG. The short answer is that T-glase (pronounced TEE-Glass) is the trade name that Taulman 3D has given to their formulation of PETG, which was originally named “Taulman 810”. Technically-speaking both products are PETG, but the difference is tantamount to say, Macaroni and Cheese vs. “[Your] Mom’s Mac & Cheese” which many of us believe is so unique that it warrants an asterisk  before every mention of its name.

The longer explanation for the ambiguity between T-glase and PETG stems from the fact that PETG is actually a copolymer rather than a homopolymer like PET. In this case PETG is a combination of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with varying concentrations of glycol, (which, by the way, is what the “G” stands for in PETG). Manufacturers adjust their PETG formula by altering the ratio of glycol to PET as well as including other additives like pigment or UV absorbents, for example. This means that “PETG” can be as different from manufacture to manufacture as Mac & Cheese is from home to home. This is why it is often necessary to include the brand name of materials when troubleshooting problems with printing performance. Each brand of material has its own unique printing characteristics and needs to be adjusted to accordingly.

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