Be our Valentine?

Wolfbite™ Valentine's Promo

Valentine’s Day  
…..Take a breath. Smell that? It’s a mixture of Mylar and chalky candy heart factories working double-time to prepare for the upcoming Valentine’s celebration. Yep. That’s the smell of love. It is definitely in the air. And nothing brings home the spirit of the holiday better than a thoughtful missive from an treasured admirer.  We recently received just such a letter from a fan named Jason; and it has us feeling downright sentimental! Here  is a snippet of what he wrote:

“Gentlemen, I just wanted to say that I got my printer ‘yesterday’ and have been up since! In fact, I completely and utterly respect the performance so much, that I am about to place another order right now. Add to that the fact that your Wolfbite works wonders, I now can’t wait to get my next Airwolf 3D printer. Seriously, great job on the HDR guys!!!”

Thanks, Jason

     Thank you, Jason. We truly appreciate your feedback and we’d like send  you a bottle of Wolfbite™ adhesion solution (regularly priced at $29.95) as a token of our appreciation.

Get your FREE bottle of Wolfbite too.

Wolfbite™ adhesive solution.     In the spirit of the holiday we’d like to extend the same offer to any of our fans. Throughout the month of February just send us a little Valentine letting us know what you love about your Airwolf 3D printer, and we’ll send you a bottle of Wolfbite™ adhesion solution in return.

     From all of us here at Airwolf 3D, we hope you have a special day with all your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To receive your free bottle of Wolfbite™ Adhesive Solution simply send us an email with your name, address, your Airwolf 3D printer model, and a description of why you love your Airwolf 3D printer to:

Promotion ends March 1st, 2015.