3DMedScan develops “In-Sync 3D Putting” trainer.

3DMedScan Putting trainer

Are you prepared for USGA rule 14-1b?

Infographic  demonstrating rule 14-1b courtesy of USGA
Infographic demonstrating rule 14-1b. Courtesy of USGA

In 2016, USGA rule 14-1b will go into effect prohibiting the use of anchored strokes in professional golf. Recreational and amateur players will have a bit longer to prepare for the rule change; however, he/she may have to contend with the competitive jabs of his peers when he employs the outlawed, “cheater” technique.

If you are one of those players who received a shiny new belly putter for Christmas don’t rush to post it on E-bay just yet. Technically, you can still use those kinds specialty clubs; but you will have to use them in an entirely different way. If you use an anchoring technique though, you’re going to have to retrain the way you currently play the game.

In-Sync 3D Putting

Building Muscle Memory with In-Sync 3D Putting trainer

In Sync 3d Putting Trainer
The In Sync 3D Putting Trainer designed for developing ideal muscle memory for putting.

That’s where the patent-pending “In-Sync 3D Putting” trainer comes in. Developers at 3D MedScan employed the same 3D printing technology seen in their AmphibianSkin™ exoskeleton medical braces to create a training tool for golfers seeking to improve their form. The In-Sync 3D putting trainer utilizes a training concept popularly known as “muscle memory” seen demonstrated here by PGA professional Eric Hogge: Muscle Memory Training

3D Printed Putting Trainers
In-Sync 3D Putting trainer designed by 3DMedScan.

Every In-Sync 3D Putting trainer is custom made for its user. This is accomplished by first performing a surface scan of the golfer’s ideal putting position. Then, a custom-fit In-sync Putting trainer is manufactured using a high quality 3D printer such as the Airwolf 3D model HD shown in the video below. The resulting product is light weight, comfortable, and impervious to moisture. The In-Sync 3D trainer, (shown in yellow in the photo to the right) can also be printed in a wide range of colors to match the customer’s individual tastes.  3DMedScan will be scanning and taking initial orders for the In-Sync 3D Putting trainer at the 2015 Denver Golf Expo. If you would like more information about the In-Sync 3D Putting trainer you can inquire at: http://www.insync3dputting.com/

In-Sync 3D Putting

The video shown below demonstrates a similar fabrication process used to manufacture the In-Sync 3D Putting trainer. Shown here is an Airwolf 3D model HD printing an AmphibianSkin™ medical brace.

In-Sync 3D Putting