3D Print Moving Assemblies, Brought to You by Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D users are now able to 3D print moving assemblies on their desktop

3D Print moving assembliesHave you ever had the need to 3D print a moving assembly as a single component?  This U-joint was designed at Airwolf 3D headquarters and created in just one print.

A new process from Airwolf 3D enables users to create more complex designs more quickly, easily, and with less breakage than previous methods.

Currently, designs with near horizontal overhangs and other complex features are printed in ABS with layers of HIPS printed in between as support. part2Finished prints are then soaked in a solution of limonene to dissolve the HIPS support.   One of our customers cleverly 3D printed a small 3D printer as part of the White House 3D Printed Ornament Challenge and used the HIPS support technique here.

3D Print Moving Assemblies Successfully

Airwolf’s new, easier process enables users to print their designs in ABS and use layers of PLA as support. Prints are submerged in a new solution which causes the PLA support to dissolve more quickly and completely, enabling the ABS parts to maintain their structural integrity.

The ability to print durable full assemblies on a desktop printer is a boon for engineers and designers who require the capabilities of industrial printing but are priced out of the market. The new process provides a quick and affordable way to bridge the gap, allowing these advanced users to have their cake and eat it too.

“This solution brings Airwolf 3D desktop printers closer to the realm of industrial printing,” says Airwolf 3D Chairman and co-founder, Erick Wolf. “We are providing an enhancement to an already existing feature of our printers.”

The solution is not yet available for purchase, but Airwolf 3D users can look forward to a step-by-step guide to mix their own in the upcoming weeks.

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