Airwolf 3D Visits SoCal MakerCon

SoCal Makercon

The Orange County start up delights visitors at the annual SoCal MakerCon

SoCal MakerCon

Excitement abounded at the annual SoCal MakerCon this past Saturday at the LA Fairplex in Pomona. Makers from all over California came to attend the convention, which is known as the largest event for inventiveness and innovation in the region. Amid the battling robots and remote controlled helicopters, Airwolf 3D captivated visitors with the HD2X dual head printer.

“The design is very eye catching,” says Marilu Flores of Airwolf 3D. “People are drawn in by the appearance, and then when they see that we can print in 25 different materials and that our print quality is so high, they stick around.”



As the world becomes more and more fascinated by the applications of desktop 3D printing, events like MakerCon are becoming hubs for professionals and hobbyists alike.

“People are interested in the idea of 3D printing. They need to see it for themselves to believe it,” says Flores, who also states that attendance at the events is growing.

With 3D printing expected to become a $16 billion global industry by 2018 (Canalys), it is no surprise that more and more people are showing up to see the latest advances in 3D printing technology.

“Right now we attend about 2 events like MakerCon a month,” says Flores. “I can definitely see that number growing in the future.”

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