Pimp My Pumpkin With 3D Printed Parts 2014 Downloads

 3D Printing and the Halloween Spirit

Hello!  Now with summer gone and the cool fall weather upon us, it’s easy to fall into a slump.  All work and no play can make the Wolfpack a bit grumpy.  So we decided to have our first annual “Pimp My Pumpkin” competition.  We asked our team to design 3D printed parts to decorate an Airwolf 3D Team Pumpkin!  After all it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and print something spooky.

The rules were simple and fun:  create one stl file of a part to fit on a real life pumpkin and then 3D print it.  The parts where to be made with some sort of peg to attach to the pumpkin. For those rebels we asked for a fall-themed part.   In the end, one lucky winner chosen for first place and one for second place.

3D Printed Designs

photo 4 Here is what some of the team members came up with:

Tyler designed a mustache/eyebrows and individual spooky pumpkin designs.  The individual carved pumpkin is very organic and pretty impressive considering the fancy dual extrusion tricks that he pulled off.

Miles, a SolidWorks extraordinaire, made BIG curved ears which were styled after a much famed local mouse -which we can’t mention for obvious reasons -but you know who he is.

photo 3Courtney in shipping won first place for her googly-eyes.  Despite her demanding position in shipping and logistics she found the time to teach herself SketchUp AND dual extrusion applications in a short period of time.  She surprised all of us by creating these really goofy eyes and using two colors in one print job and NO COLOR BLEEDING.  Way to go Court!

photo 5Jillian is our newest member of the team.  Like Courtney, Jill she taught herself SketchUp and learned how to incorporate support material to design this crazy mouth.  We where very impressed with the complicated use of overlapping curvatures in the fangs and lips.  This part could only be pulled off with some thoughtful planning of the support material.  This is why Jillian got second place.



photo 2

photo 1