Join Airwolf 3D At The Riverside Robot Expo On Saturday October 11!

Don’t Miss Out On The Ultimate Robot Expo!!

“The Riverside Robotics Society is a group that promotes robotics in every way.”

Join Airwolf 3D and the rest of The Robotic Society on Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Woodcrest Library (16625 Krameria Ave, Riverside, CA).

As an official branch of the Southern California Robotic Society, the Riverside Robot Expo is a very exciting event for Airwolf 3D. This monthly meeting will include everything robots! There will be classes on robotics, tips and pointers, contests, and good old show n’ tell. The members create robots from mini “bug bots” to human-size robots. This robot expo is open to everyone over the age of 10 and those under 18 must have parent present. It is free admission and costumes are definitely recommended!


This year the Riverside Robot Expo and Star Wars Reads are joining forces with the Inland Empire Saber Team! They will be showing off their latest light saber technology in their amazing costumes! By attending this event, you will witness the first live Robotics Competition and more than 100 Robots exhibited in a library at one time!

robot expo

Here is a list of some of the exhibits at this years robot expo:

– Life size R2D2 built by our very own Steve S

– Albert Taylor will lecture on PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS (Don’t say “ghost hunting please!”)

– Terminator Robots: Two!

– Local FIRST Robotics teams and their robots will compete

– InMoov 3D PRINTED Robot hand by Kim

– Robot Art

– The Lost in Space Robot life-size replica by Sandy from the B9 Builders’ Club

– Lecture on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

– JPL’s John Write will lecture on Avoiding Tickets while Driving the Mars Rover!

– Demonstrations in robot building and microcontrollers

– Demonstrations in 3D printing

– A life-size C3PO Replica

– Sumobot Demonstrations by Greg

– The Lovely Singing Robot Betty9

– Line following demonstrations

– Demonstrations in artificial intelligence

– The DEVO robot tribute band : RoboDevo

– Matter replicator demos (3D printers)

– Animatronic talking skull

– Virtual telepresence robots

– HAL 9000 (“Open the pod bay doors, HAL”)

– A Lt. Commander Data Life-size Robot Replica
– Santabot

– Singing Robo Elvis


– Robot Soccer where YOU control the robot

– Mini Drone (quadcopter) Racing, where YOU control the DRONE

– Dalek

– Nao robots

– KeepOn dancing robots


So don’t miss this event and please feel free to wear your Mr. Spock, Anakin, Dr. Who, Darth Vader, Terminator, Princess Leia, Steampunk, Klingon, Wookie, Dr. Smith, B9, Wall-E, or any hero you look up to! See you there!