Airwolf 3D Training Schedule for October 2014 3D printing classes

3D Printing Class October 2014

Airwolf 3D is offering its third installment of 3D printing classes on October 16, 17, and 18th. The workshop will be a 2 day seminar with an emphasis on design, slicing and 3D printing models, with an optional 3rd day for advanced 3d printing techniques. The seating will be limited to 15 attendees, with each attendee having hands-on access to an Airwolf HD printer for the ENTIRE 3D printing class.

After gathering invaluable feedback from the first two installments of 3D printing classes, Airwolf 3D has customized a syllabus for beginners and experts alike, including a 1:1 ratio of Airwolf 3D HD printers to students for the entire 3D printing class.  This class will take you from 3D printing novice to expert in 3 days.  Or take you from 3D tinkerer to expert in one day, all while using the most capable desktop 3D printer in the world.  Learn from the best in the business, from the company who prints more 3D parts than most anyone else in the world.  From PLA to Polycarbonate, Airwolf 3D is your world class resource for 3D printing education.  Bring your creativity, questions, and appetite to this full-course 3 day serving of 3D printing classes packed with knowledge and unparalleled experience.  Class is limited to 15 individuals, so sign up soon, before its too late!

Class Schedule (subject to change)

3D Printing Class Day 1 Schedule:

9-9:30am: Introduction to 3D Printing

9:30-10am: Software Installation/Setup

10-11am: Tinkercad: Creating a simple box and lid with Tinkercad. You will also learn how to export your file to STL file format.

11am-12pm: Introduction to Sketchup. You will begin using Sketchup to create the Arduino box prototype.

12-12:45pm: Lunch break

12:45-3:30pm: Sketchup – You will complete the Arduino box model.

3:30-4:30pm: STL file creation and Introduction to Slicing

3D Printing Class Day 2 Schedule:

9-12:00am: Slicing Continued

12-12:45pm: Lunch Break

12:45-2:00pm: Material properties/selection

2:00-3:00pm: Material Applications

3:00-4:00pm: Basic 3D printer operation

12:45-4pm: 3D printing (we will be printing the models created in day 1, and will also go over more advanced 3d printing techniques.

3D Printing Class Day 3 Schedule:

9-12:00am: Specific slicing examples, i.e. perimeters, infill, layer height, speed, flow rate as pertaining to different parts

12-12:45pm: Lunch Break

12:45-3:00pm: Advanced material printing techniques

3:00-4:30pm: Open forum Q&A and demonstrations for specification customer applications

Location: Airwolf 3D, 130 McCormick Avenue, Suite 105, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Dates: October 16th, 17th, and 18th (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) Lunch to be served.

Days 1 and 2 – $495 inclusive of use of printer (October 16th and 17th)

Day 3 (advanced training) – $495 inclusive of use of printer (October 18th)

Onsite use of Airwolf 3D HD printer and filament included with purchase price

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