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Nylon 3D printing….It’s cheap, it’s strong, and it’s self-lubricating. What else do you want in a 3D printing material? AW3D HD2x is the perfect solution for a nylon filament printer.

Here at Airwolf, we believe we have the best nylon filament printer on the market. Nylon has been used for years, and has just recently become more popular in the 3D printing industry. Even though there are many variations of nylon filament, there aren’t many nylon filament printers on the market that can print this material successfully. It takes a hot end that can reach high temperatures, and also requires special settings and a prepped heated build platform.

The real-life applications are endless. With a nylon filament printer, you can create things like air ducts, hose connectors, brackets and mounts, cases and much more. This is better suited for real functional parts that withstand any type of abuse or wear. Even our HD series printers come with a set of nylon gears. These gears need to withstand the abuse of day to day printing, and in order to get the best quality, we use the best nylon filament printers – the Airwolf 3D HDx and HD2x.

Strong parts are not the only application for nylon. Because it can be dyed, nylon can be used for artistic pieces. Clothing dye from any Walmart, Michaels, or fabric store will carry several colors of RIT dye which can be used on parts after they are printed. You can also achieve desirable results dying the nylon filament before printing. With this technique, tie-dye style prints can be created.

nylon filament printer

Expand your capabilities and give your models a new look. Try printing with nylon and discover new possibilities. Don’t have a nylon filament 3D printer? Airwolf 3D has several models to choose from to meet your specific needs. Click here to see the AW3D lineup or visit https://www.airwolf3d.com for more information.

nylon filament printernylon filament printer